There is no place like home!

Your home and your surroundings are the most important part of staying in your new location.
It is down to us to get them right for you and your family.

Initially, we take time with you to determine your needs and requirements, advising you on the 
general housing situation and suggesting suitable locations to suit your business, personal and family needs.

Whether in the city or in the countryside, we then search for accommodation using all available 
sources, and our network of contacts, arranging viewing appointments and accompanying you 
to view them. Once you have chosen your future home we can:
  • advise and assist with the negotiation of the rental contract explain the rental agreement,
  • accompany you for hand-over of the house/apartment,
  • organise water, gas and electricity,
  • organise internet, telephone, fax and satellite services if required set up the TV license.

Your benefit:

  • Support from experts with deep knowledge of the local housing market
  • Rental contract negociations are done with your employees best interest at heart
  • Support from experts upon hand over of the rented or bought property
  • Independent advice on the local housing market

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